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FJS Concrete Mixer  

The FJS series of concrete mixer is of double horizontal axis forced type which is developed by the company on years of research. It features convenient installation, reliable performance, and it can be used in commercial concrete mixing plant, engineering mixing plant, etc. It is suitable for various medium/large precast concrete product plants, and industrial and civil building projects such as highway, bridge, water reservation, port, etc. The product can be used to mix light aggregate concrete and various kinds of mortar, and it can also mix dry concrete (the mixing amount should be reduced according to the actual condition). It is a high efficient product.

  ◎ The area of intense wear adopts high wear-resistant design, which is improved by more than 3 times in the service life;
  ◎ Devoted in the research, good at innovation;
  ◎ Nine protection measures ensure reliability of the axle end seal.

Model Power Nominal Capacity
FJS1500 62.25kW 2400L
FJS2000 76.25kW 3200L
FJS3000 112.25kW 4800L

PLD Concrete Batching Machine  

The PLD series of concrete batching machine is a kind of automatic batching equipment developed by the company on years of research. The product features complete product portfolio and solutions, excellent design and technology, as well as reliable quality and functions. It can make automatic batching of the sand or gravel materials according to the concrete proportion setting set up by the users.
Model Power Nominal Capacity
PLD4800QD-Ⅳ 20.15kw 4800L
PLD3200QD-Ⅳ 20.15kw 3200L
PLD3200QD-Ⅲ 20.15kw 3200L
PLD3200Q-Ⅳ 20.15kw 3200L
PLD2400QD-Ⅳ 15.75kw 2400L
PLD2400QD-Ⅲ 15.75kw 2400L
PLD2400Q-Ⅳ 11.25kw 2400L
PLD2400Q-Ⅲ 11.25kw 2400L
PLD1600 8.4kw 1600L
PLD1600Q-Ⅳ 11kw 1600L
PLD1600Q-Ⅲ 11kw 1600L
PLD1600-Ⅳ 16.4kw 1600L
PLD1600-Ⅲ 12.4kw 1600L
PLD1200 6.6kw 1200L
PLD1200-Ⅳ 14.6kw 1200L
PLD1200-Ⅲ 10.6kw 1200L
PLD800 6.6kw 800L
PLD800S 6.6kw 800L
PLD800-Ⅲ 8.1kw 800L

Spiral Conveyor  

The LSY series of spiral conveyor is a kind of new equipment that conveying materials with rotating spiral device in a closed housing with round cross-section. It is mainly used to conveying various kinds of powder or granular materials. And it can be used horizontally or tilting, especially suitable for conveying bulk cement from the cement bin to the mixer or to the batching machine.

Special Recommendation:

The double spiral conveyor is equipped with auxiliary spiral conveying device in addition to all the advantages of LSY series of spiral conveyor. It can achieve the rough weighing and fine weighing of the powder additive through the running of the main/auxiliary conveying system,  improving the batching precision of powder additive, which has become the main parts in the powder additive batching system.

Competitive Advantages:

  ◎ It adopts the one time molding blades of variable pitch, and the spiral pitch is smaller at the lower feeding section than at the conveying section. As the feeding volume is big at the feeding section, and with the spiral pitches getting larger and the feeding amount getting reduced, it can prevent the highly flowable powder material from flowing back during the conveying process and effectively reduce the load of the drive device.
        ◎ It is connected with hanging bracket made of cast aluminum alloy, regularly filling high quality lubricant. So it is wear resistant and the service life is longer.
        ◎ The unique universal feeding port is more beneficial to the installation and production.
        ◎ It is assembled with multiple sections, and the standard length of each section is 3 meters, which is standardized and universal and convenient for flexible retrofit.

Model Drive Power(kW) Conveying Distance L(m) Conveying Angle α(°) Conveying Volume (t/h) D1 D2 n-d B
LSY168-3 4 3 ≤45 25 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY168-6 5.5 6 ≤45 25 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY168-9 5.5 9 ≤45 25 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY168-12 7.5 12 ≤45 25 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY219-6 7.5 6 ≤45 60 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY219-9 11 9 ≤45 60 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY219-12 11 12 ≤45 60 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY219-15 15 15 ≤45 60 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY273-6 11 6 ≤45 90 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY273-9 11 9 ≤45 90 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY273-12 15 12 ≤45 90 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY273-15 15 15 ≤45 90 300 330 8-φ14 10
LSY323-9 18.5 9 ≤45 110 370 420 8-φ18 15
LSY323-12 22 12 ≤45 110 370 420 8-φ18 15
LSY323-15 22 15 ≤45 110 370 420 8-φ18 15

Note: the spiral conveyor of each model can all be equipped with an auxiliary equipment, and the conveying angle and distance can be customized according to customers needs. And the company retains the right to modify the technical parameters.

Dust Collector  

CHQ24 Bin-top Dust Collector
CHQ24 dust collector is mainly used for the handling the dust at the top of the bin. The filter element is designed according to the particle size of various powder materials such as cement, coal ash, lime, etc. in consideration of the effect on the filter element by the particle adhesion, which can completely meet the filtering requirements for various kinds of powder materials.
Main Features:  
1. The filtering coverage is 24m2, while the volume is smaller.
2. Quick and convenient installation and repair.
3. Vibratory cleaning, simple operation.
4. The polyester filter element is applicable to various kinds of filter medium.
Technical Parameters: 
Model Filtering Area Diameter
CHQ24 24 m2 800 mm


DMC18A Pulse Bag Filter

The DMC18A pulse bag filter is a new generation product developed by Fangyuan. It adopts high pressure (0.5-0.7MPa)large flow pulse valve cleaning technology, featuring large cleaning power and high efficiency. It is mainly used in the recycling of various kinds of fine dust generated in the production, transport and storage.    
Technical Parameters:
Filtering area 18m2
Air flow 1500-2400 m3/h
Blowing pressure 0.4-0.7MPa
Blower power 2.2kW
Rated input voltage of controller AC220C
Rated output voltage of controller DC24V
Range of pulse width 10-990 ms
Range of pulse interval 1-99 s
Range of cycle interval 1-99 min.



ZJX Series of Special Planetary Reducer for Mixer

ZJX series of special planetary reducer for mixer adopt planetary gear drive structure, featuring large speed ratio, reliable and smooth drive performance.
Technical Parameters  
Model Max. output torque(N.m) Reduction ratio Max. input revs(r/min) Weight(kg)
ZJX345.23.5 7000 23.5 980 120
ZJX428.27 12000 27 1500 305


XGJ Series of Hanged Reducer 

XGJ Series of hanged reducer adopts multi-stage involute helical gear system, which improves the smoothness of the reducer and reduces trouble rate, and solves the difficult problem that the electric drum is hard to repair. The product is mainly used for various kinds of belt conveying equipment.   
Technical Parameters  
Model A1 A2 A3 D1 D2  M1  M2 Lmax  Drive ratio Power(kw)
XGJ550.85 142 180 180 550 85 206 114 16 515 49



XGJ640.85 164.40 202 202 640 85 206 114 16 515 55 21 30/37


JS Series of Winch Reducer

The JS series of winch reducer adopts triangle type fixed involute hardened gear mechanism, which has achieved production of national standard. The product is mainly used for the hopper winch of JS and JZC series of mixers.   
Technical Parameters
Model Input power Input revs(r/min) Drive ratio Drum diameter Weight (kg)
JS350(JZC350B) 4.5 1440  20.269  φ160 170
JS500 5.5 1440 20.269 φ160 200
JS750(JZC750) 7.5 1440 22.45 φ160 220
JS1000 11 1460 20.59 φ180 410
JS1500 18.5 1470 20.59 φ190 488
JS2000 30 1470 34.97 φ190 850


QJS Series of Lifting Reducer for Tower Crane

The QJS series of lifting reducer for tower crane adopts multi-stage involute gear system and achieves the flexibility and stability of the steel wire drum, which is mainy used with the lifing mechanism of tower crane (40~80 series).   
Technical Parameters
Model Input power Input revs(r/min) Drive ratio Weight(kg) Lubricant Volume
QJS600 24 1470 15.84 340 Oil level accords with  marks on sight glass
QJS750 30 1470 20.23 730 Oil level accords with  marks on sight glass


LS Series of Special Reducer for Spiral Conveyor

LS series of special reducer for conveyor adopts involute gear drive system and polylateral appearance, applicable to various kinds of similar structures and conditions.   
Technical Parameters
Model LS168A-3 LS168A-4.5 LS168A-6 LS168A-9 LS219A-4.5 LS219A-6 LS219A-9
Power 4 4 4 5.5 5.5 7.5 11
Speed ratio 1:5 1:5 1:5 1:5 1:5 1:5 1:5

Model LS219A-12 LS219A-15 LS273A-6 LS273A-9 LS273A-12 LS273A-15 LS323A-9 LS323A-12 LS323A-15
Power 11 15 11 11 15 15 18.5 22 22
Speed ratio 1:7 1:7 1:7 1:7 1:7 1:7 1:10 1:10 1:10


JZQ Series of Main Reducer 

JZQ series of main reducer adopts common involute hardened gear drive system, made under international standards, and it is mainly used for JS series of mixer.   
Technical Parameters
Model Input power Input revs(r/m) Drive ratio
JZQ395 18.5 1470 13.42
JZQ500 30 1470 15.75
JZQ650 39.5 1470 20.49
JZQ850 70 1440 20.49


QTH Series of Slewing Reducer for Tower Crane

QTH series of slewing reducer adopts multi-stage planetary gear drive system. It achieves large speed ratio drive. The application of synchronized coupler improves the synchronization stability during the slewing operation of tower crane. It is mainly used in tower crane, also used in slewing machinery of the same kind.   
Technical Parameters
Model/Unit QTH100
Applicable tower crane QTZ63(TC5013、TC5013A) QTZ63(TC5509、TC5509A)
Work environment     ℃ -40 — +40
Electric motor Power KW 2.2 3.7
Revs r/min 908 960
Model   YZR132M1-6 B5 YZR132M-6 B5
Coupler Model YOX280A
Reducer Speed ratio   157.5
Output torque N.M 10000
Output gear Module m 10
Teeth number z 15
Teeth width L 90
Displacement factor X +0.5


TXB Series of Luffing Reducer

TXB series of luffing reducer adopts hardened gear multi-stage planetary reducer, spiral slot drum and planetary stopper, featuring compact structure, smooth drive, high efficiency, low noise, convenient installation, maintenance free, long life, etc. It is applicable to the luffing mechanism of tower crane. 
Technical Parameters
Model TXB300A TXB300B TXB300C TXB400 TXB400B TXB500
Reducer XX3-10-44 I=44 XX3-10-44 I=44 XX3-10-54.5 I=54.5 XX3-12-38 I=38 XX3-12-38 I=38 XX3-12-39.7 I=39.7
Electric motor Model YDEJ100L2-4/6 YDEJ100L2-4/6 YDEJ100L2 -4/6 YDEJ132S-4/8 YDEJ132S-4/8 YDBFI120 -4/8/24
Power 1.5/2.2 1.5/2.2 1.5/2.2 3.3/2.2 3.3/2.2 5.0/2.5/1.0
Revs(rpm) 1440/940 1440/940 1440/940 1440/720 1440/720 1360/690/190
Drum diameter mm 298 298 298 380 420 520
Rope speed mpmin 31.5/2.1 31.5/2.1 31.5/2.1 40.5/20.5 40.5/20.5 60/30/8.4
Traction N 4000 4000 4000 6000 6000 9000
Rope diameter mm 6.2 6.2 6.2 7.7 7.7 9.3
Luffing range m 42 47 0-60 0-60 0-60 66
Tower crane t.m 16~40 16~40 16~40 40~63 63~80 80~160


SHJ Series of Three-Ring Reducer

SHJ series of three-ring reducer adopts involute planetary drive with small teeth difference. It achieves the large speed ratio drive of the eccentric shaft, and improves the bearing capacity and shock resistance under heavy load. It is mainly used for spiral piling machinery.
Technical Parameters
Model Electric motor power Max.drilling dia.(mm)& depth(m) Max. output torque(KN.m) Weight(kg)
SHJ480 2X45KW、2X55KW φ800 28m 48 2090

Cement Bin  

SC Series of Powder Bin
SC series of powder bin is used to store bulk cement or other powder materials, and it is commonly used in various kinds of mixing plant together with mixing and batching machines. The bulk cement truck dump the cement or other powder material into the bin; open the discharge gate, and the powder flows into the spiral conveyor, then the material is conveying to the powder weighing hopper. The series of product includes SC50A, SC100, and SC200. And we can also provide customized product according to customer needs.   
Technical Parameters 
Model SC200 SC100 SC50A
Nominal Capacity(m3) 150 72 38
Max. feeding capacity (ton) 200 100 50
Diameter (mm) 4455 2880 2880
Height (mm) 18530 19400 14400
Connecting mode of spiral conveyor Flange Flange Flange
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