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Dry Mortar Production Line
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Dry Mortar Production Line

  Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation, Reliability, High Efficiency

+ Drying system featuring high efficiency and energy conservation

+ Precise and reliable measurement, intelligent and humanized operation

+ High-quality parts, lower cost to use

As a new energy-efficient and environmental friendly construction material, dry mix mortar is popularized and applied due to the national policy. Relying on 30-year’s production experience of concrete mixing machinery and Fangyuan Group Technical Development center which is a provincial technical development center, Fangyuan Group develops a series of dry mix mortar production line independently. The product adopts the advanced CAD/CAE design platform which applies the three-dimensional design and computer-aided analysis to the product development, supplying reliable guarantee for making the high-end dry mix mortar production line in China.


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Dry Mix Mortar Production Line  

Energy efficient greensand drying equipment
Three-cylinder dryer adopts the advanced European technique. It is composed of three concentric cylinders with different diameters. The three-cylinder dryer can make full use of the waste heat, reduce the heat loss, and enlarge the heat exchange area, effectively improving the thermal energy utilization.
Ensure the water contained in the materials is lower than 0.5%.
The self heat preservation heat efficiency of the cylinder is up to 80% (the heat efficiency of the traditional single-cylinder dryer is merely 35%), the heat efficiency improves by 45%.
Coal, oil, and gas can be used as the fuel. It can dry the lump material, aggregate, and powdery material under 20mm.
Compared with the single-cylinder dryer, the land occupation reduces by 50%, civil engineering investment reduces 50%, and the power consumption reduces 60%.
Adopt alloy steel plate, the wear resistance of which is 4 times of the common steel.
The discharging temperature is controlled between 60-80℃,allowing successive production and packaging.

Precise and reliable measuring system
The measuring system adopts the load cells of the international famous brands and the processing method of connecting the analog quantity to PLC.
The measurement screw conveyor adopts the advanced frequency conversion control technique. Install the pneumatic butterfly valve at the end of the outlet. All those can effectively control the measuring accuracy of the materials. The weigher features good working stability and strong antijamming capacity.
The weigher and the feeding device adopt the fully ventilated flexible connection, and the upper side of the balance is set with the dustproof breathing hole, which can ensure the pressure balance of the interior of the balance. All those can guarantee the measuring accuracy during the running.

Excellent coulter mixer
Import the most advanced European coulter mixing technique. When mixing, the materials can be scattered and gathered in three-dimensional space, ensuring the materials with different sizes and densities can be mixed well in the shortest time.
The fly-cutter device can smash the agglomerate materials quickly, featuring fast mixing speed. According to the product formula, the mixing time is 90s-180s. The mixer features high mixing accuracy, good material workability and uniformity. The materials will not be segregated when mixing, the mixing ratio can be up to 1:10000.
The unique single-door discharging device, featuring no dead space, no remains, no leakage, and short discharging time.
A special manual sample connection is set to facilitate sampling and detecting. The mixing time can be adjusted according to the detection situation to improve the product quality and production efficiency.

Environmental friendly dust collecting system
To solve the dust produced during the dry mix mortar production, different dedusting systems are adopts in different positions. The dedusting system of the drying equipment adopts the pulsed jet cloth filter, the powder collected can be recycled, realizing zero release.
According to the need, every dust-entrainment point is set with automatic dedusting equipment, which can control the dust emission standard to the national environmental standard.

High efficient screening system
  Different screening machines are adopted in different steps, which can effectively improve the energy utilization and screening efficiency.
The raw sand can be sent into the drying equipment only after separating the large aggregate by the trommel screen. It can effectively reduce the failure rate of the drying equipment and improve the energy utilization.
After separating the materials over criteria by the vibrating screen, the dry sand will be lifted to the top of the silo by the bucket elevator, then process the sand by the vibrating classification screen, ensuring the strict grading of the mortar.
Adopt the vibration motor of the domestic famous brand, featuring reliable performance and convenient maintenance. The screen is easy to change, which is helpful to improve the productivity.

Stable and reliable pneumatic system
The air circuit system adopts the screw rod air compressor, which can supply dry, stable, and high-quality compressed air.
Through the processing of the refrigeration dryer and the ultrafilter, the compressed air will be stored in the air tank. The air circuit accessories like refrigeration dryer and filter adopt the products of global top brand Japan SMC, ensuring the high quality of the compressed air.
The air cylinder, butterfly valve, slide gate valve, air cannon of the pneumatic actuating mechanism adopt the products of the famous brands at home and abroad, guaranteeing the stable and reliable running of the air circuit system.

Multiple finished mortar logistics system
  The equipment is set with a distributing device. The finished mortar can be put into the bulk mortar truck and transported to the construction site, or be packaged by the packer, or be sent into the finished product storage through the bucket elevator. The customers can select according to the practical situation.
The bulk mortar is put into the bulk mortar truck through the telescopic inlet and transported to the construction site.
The packer adopts weighing sensor, airslide, three-side sealed gate, and inner and outer steel pipe protection discharging, and the equipment maintenance cost is quite low. It is equipped with belt conveyor, facilitating the stacking of the bagged mortar.

Stable and reliable control system
  The production control system is independently developed through drawing the advance techniques at home and abroad, featuring high efficiency and real time. It allows full-automatic control, manual control, and off-line control. The system adopts Windows operating platform. The whole production process adopts the animation analog display, which can conduct real-time animation tracking. The monitoring system can monitor the running of the equipment in real time. The whole equipment has the functions of material management, production management, client management, report management, delivery bill management, etc., it is the production center, statistics center, and decision center of the dry mix mortar equipment.

Steel structure and package
The steel structure adopts post and beam structure, which is convenient to transport and install.
To prevent the influence of the climate, the main building and the finished product storage are installed with peripheral insulation board. The inner layer and outer layer are made of color steel plate. The interlayer is made of polystyrenewhich features light weight, high intensity, heat insulation, and strong corrosion resistance. For better lighting and ventilation, some windows are installed.
The machine features beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, pleasant color, comfortable operation, and convenient maintenance.
Structure Equipment model Main machine model Output(t/h) Annual output(ten thousand ton/year)
Tower type GTD10 WBHT1100 18~36 6~12
GTD20 WBHT2000 30~60 12~24
GTD30 WBHT3000 50~100 18~36
GTD45 WBHT4800 80~160 29~58
Stepped type GJD10 WBHT1100 18~36 6~12
GJD20 WBHT2000 30~60 12~24
GJD30 WBHT3000 50~100 18~36
GJD45 WBHT4800 80~160 29~58
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